SOKKIA CX-102 (มือสอง)



Length:                             171mm
Aperture:                          45mm (EDM:48mm)
Magnification:                     30X
Image:                               Erect
Resolving power:                 2.5"
Field of view:                      1°30'
Minimum focus:                   1.3m
Focussing screw:                 1 speed
Reticle illumination:              5 brightness levels

Angle measurement
Horizontal and Vertical circles type:       Rotary absolute encoder
Detecting:                                        2 sides
IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System): CX-101/102 only
Angle units:                                      Degree/Gon/Mil (selectable)
Minimum display:                               1" (0.0002gon/0.005mil)/5"                                                                            (0.0010gon/0.02mil)(selectable)
Accuracy:                                         2" (0.0006gon/0.010mil)
Measuring time:                                 0.5 sec or less
Collimation compensation:                   On/Off (selectable)
Measuring mode:  Horizontal angle: Right/Left (selectable)
                        Vertical angle: Zenith/Horizontal/Horizontal ±90° /% (selectable)

Tilt angle compensation
Type:                                   Liquid 2-axis tilt sensor
Minimum display:                    1"
Range of compensation:          ±6' (±0.1111 gon)
Automatic compensator:          ON (V & H/V)/OFF (selectable)
Compensation constant:          Can be changed

Distance Measurement
Measuring method:             Coaxial phase shift measuring system
Signal source:                    Red laser diode 690nm
Distance unit:                    m/ft/inch (selectable)

Guide Light
Light source:                     LED (red 626 nm/green 524 nm)
Distance:                          1.3 to 150m
Visible range:                    Right and Left/Upward and Downward: ± 4°(7m/100m)
Resolving power at center area (width):  4' (about 0.12m/100m)
Brightness:                       3 levels (bright/normal/dim)

Internal memory
Capacity: 10,000 measurement points
External memory: USB flash memory (up to 8 GB)

Data transfer
Data input/output:             Asynchronous serial, RS232C compatible
USB:                               USB Revision 2.0 (FS), Host (Type A), Only a
                                     USB memory device is compatible.

Power Supply
Power source:                  Rechargeable Li-ion battery BDC70
Battery state indicator:      4 levels
Auto power-off:               5 levels (5/10/15/30 min/Not set) (selectable)
External power source:     6.7 to12V
Charging time at 25 °C:     about 5.5 hours (using CDC68/68A)

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